Are You Aware of What Life Insurance Can Do?

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month, but unfortunately fewer people know about this public service awareness campaign than know about the benefits of having a life insurance policy. Are you aware of the amazing things life insurance can do?

A good policy can give loved ones time to grieve without having to worry about the costs of a funeral and burial expenses. It can pay off accounts such as mortgages and loans, allowing family members to focus on the more important things. It can keep the family business afloat, or provide a stream of income to help loved ones while they get back on their feet.

Unfortunately, too few Americans have a life insurance policy, which leaves friends and family wondering how to give a proper burial or how to pay the bills once they lose someone they love. According to the LIMRA, nearly 100 million people say they don’t have life insurance, but wish they did. Most of them attribute the reasons for not having a policy to high costs. Ironically, the same study found that most people overestimate the cost of life insurance by thousands of dollars. The LIMRA survey also discovered that among those who do carry life insurance, a startling percentage did not carry enough. When was the last time you took a look at your policy?

What if you died suddenly and unexpectedly and your household had to manage without you? Would you be leaving them with unpaid student loans, mortgages and other debt? Or would you be leaving them with a safety net and means to carry on? Do you know if you have any life insurance benefits through your workplace? Have you ever had a life insurance assessment through a professional agent? Did you know some types of life insurance can not only provide for your loved ones in the immediate weeks and months following your death, but it can be an investment for their future?

Whatever your life insurance needs may be, the knowledgeable Life & Financial Services team at Kerxton Insurance is always available to help. We can answer any questions you may have, suggest life insurance options best suited to your goals, and even assist your loved ones in filing a claim so they aren’t burdened with insurance matters while they grieve their loss. Contact us to find out how you can obtain a life insurance policy that meets your goals and budget.