Commercial Automobile Insurance

Customizing Your Commercial Automobile Solutions to Your Needs

Kerxton Insurance Agency can help you find the right commercial automobile insurance for your particular business from a reputable insurance company you can trust. Whether you have one business vehicle or an entire fleet, it is important to protect your assets against any damage done by or caused to vehicles being used for business purposes, including owned and leased autos, vans and trucks. And, if your employees use their own vehicles to make deliveries, run errands, or visit customers on sales calls, you could be liable for any accidents they get into while performing these duties.

Commercial auto insurance is an automobile policy that offers financial risk mitigation for a business’ cars, trucks and vehicles as well as the company’s drivers. Staff involved in accidents occurring while at work also receive coverage for medical injuries, no matter who may have been at fault.

With Kerxton Insurance, you can customize your commercial automobile insurance policy’s deductible amounts and coverage limits to fit your company’s specific needs. We offer liability, personal injury/medical, comprehensive, collision coverage and more. Our flexible solutions also cover a wide variety of industries and vehicles, giving you peace of mind knowing that your business is always protected.

As an independent agent serving Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia and nationwide, Kerxton Insurance represents many reputable regional and national insurance companies. This allows us to work together to find just the right insurance policies that meet your commercial auto insurance needs in the most cost-effective way. Then, Kerxton Insurance backs it up with personal service.

For more information about our commercial automobile insurance policy options or to receive a free quote, contact Kerxton Insurance today at 703-352-0030 or 888-KERXTON. We are ready to work with you to offer the most competitive commercial automobile insurance packages possible.