General Liability Insurance

Protecting You from the Risks Imposed by Lawsuits

At Kerxton Insurance Agency, we are in the business of helping you stay in business. With a long history of helping businesses find just the right insurance coverage, Kerxton Insurance considers general liability insurance to be the cornerstone of a solid business insurance package. General liability insurance protects you from a host of risk exposures, including injuries and property damage that might occur at your place of business or when visiting other locations. We want your business to be protected from all manners of claims. In our litigious society, the slightest mistake may result in costly lawsuits. And, no matter how much you have planned, accidents do happen. General liability insurance is essential in protecting your business against these claims. Kerxton Insurance can help you find the right insurance for your particular business from a reputable insurance company you can trust. We understand that you need a tailored solution to adequately protect your business, not one-size-fits-all coverage. Our goal is to first understand your needs and concerns, and then create a well-balanced general liability insurance program specific to your business – at rates you can afford. At Kerxton Insurance, we bring your business added value through consultations with our knowledgeable and experienced insurance professionals. Our staff is empowered to provide you with immediate responses and has the support of advanced education and technology from a paperless office environment. For more information on our general liability insurance coverage or to receive a free quote, contact Kerxton Insurance today at 703-352-0030 or 888-KERXTON.