It’s Raining Lawsuits: Do You Have an Umbrella Policy?

You have heard the anecdotes: angry mother-in-law sues son-in-laws parents for falling down their steps during a family gathering; high school student sues classmate for social media posts; motorist sues bartender because their vehicle was struck by a drunk driver; burglar sues homeowner because a broken window cut them on their way in to rob the place blind.

Some of these stories sound too ridiculous to be true, but in today’s litigious society, unfortunately for many defendants in courtrooms across the country, the truth is often stranger than fiction. You may be thinking the target of these types of lawsuits must be rolling in the money, otherwise why bother, right? However, often people of modest incomes and whose status is solidly middle class find themselves facing a lawsuit in which the allegedly affected victim is looking for hundreds of thousands in payouts.

What many people do not realize is there is insurance available to protect themselves and their finances from lawsuits just like those mentioned above. Umbrella insurance policies are designed specifically to mitigate your risks in the event you are sued. Whether the person who files the lawsuit has a credible claim or not, these policies can not only settle the suit, but also help pay your court and legal fees.

Many people face lawsuits with less dubious claims, especially when it comes to vehicle collisions. In fact, more than 85 of all umbrella insurance claims stem from car crashes. If you are sued as a result of damaging another vehicle or injuring another driver or rider, your basic car insurance policy can quickly reach its limitation. An umbrella insurance policy provides an added layer of protection for your car and home insurance policies.

The little known secret about umbrella insurance is you don’t need to be a millionaire in order to have millions in coverage and protection. Remember, lawsuits aren’t only about what you have in the bank today: Many court room decisions can also impact any future earnings you may be entitled to and can tap your finances indefinitely. You can find a $1 million umbrella insurance policy for as little as $200 a year. That’s a lot of protection for a relatively small investment.

When you contact one of our agents, they can help you find a number of umbrella insurance quotes from a variety of providers, ensuring you the best coverage at the most affordable rates. Contact us to find the extra protection of an umbrella insurance policy that can keep the lawsuit storms at bay.